Christmas and Winter  2
Lee Wismer, London Ontario
Acrylics on 8" wooden circle
Design by Lorri Allisen
Painted by Lee Wismer Dec. 2014
Newest Work
            Sock Monkey Ornaments
Designed by Golda Rader, CDA
Acrylics on wooden ornament shapes
Painted by Lee Wismer
October 2016
                        "Cowboy Santa Ornament"   front and back
Acrylics on wooden cutouts
Design by Linda Joan Patterson
From her book "My Cupboard's Full of Christmas Book 3"  1995
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2016
         "Snowman Ornament"
Acrylics on wooden cutout
Design by Lee Wismer
Painted by Lee Wismer
December 2016